Masterblaster/Thomas Parel: Corefolio Feedback Request

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Updated my corefolio. Feedback would be appreciated.
Thomas Parel

Beautiful renders/photography. The aesthetic is dead on for the market… But the entire thing feels more like a brand campaign than Thomas’s portfolio. The videos are neat, but I stopped the drill one by the time I got half way through… I get it, it’s rotating and parts are going on just like every other drill.

The most interesting projects to me were the worksite radio (because I can see what it is doing, a truck driving on it is nice explanatory image, and there is at least a little process.) and the cooking 3d illustrations because I could see a bit of personality there beyond tron feel of everything else.

I’d love to see much more process. Who are these products for, what problems were identified with existing solutions, how do these designs improve on what is currently in the market, and I’d love to see a variety of solutions explored. A rendering that looks exactly like a product doesn’t tell me much, but a series of ideas the refine into a number of concepts, which move toward a render that develops into a final product shows me how you think by demonstrating what you chose to evolve and what you leave behind.

Lastly, I said all this about some really very good work, and I don’t know what the intent of the portfolio is. If it is for you to move out of the power tool category, you are going to need to show much more work outside of that. Right now this portfolio would get you a job at a competitor or a firm that does a lot of power tools, but anything else might be a more difficult sell in my view.

Thanks Michael-- Great feedback. Unfortunately process is what I am dancing around. Everything is wrapped up in NDAs and non-competes- cheap answer I know. The radio was cleared for external presentation, but even so there is a lot of work that I am not showing. I want to know how far the final renders and images get me. I might do an explanatory video of the final products. That might help to show exactly what I contributed to the design. The problem I have is that I cannot really talk about my employer’s creative process, but I still want to get a read of how the work is perceived.

Given that process is the chink in my armor, I might have to pull out older or independent projects.

Edit: And perhaps I can go back in and illustrate exactly what is going on in the tools… hmmm… How do you deal with NDAs and such?

What rendering program did you use on the drill, really nice finishes on it!

Photoview 360, Modo, and Photoshop are the tools I use. PV360 for about 80-90 percent. When I want details, displaced textures etc I take it in to Modo and finish off in Photoshop.

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