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This is not really a predictive or commentary kind o blog, I just realized that I have a heck of a lot of work dispersed throughout many forums I visit. This is an attempt to start centralizing future work I do , for my records and tfor those who have any specific recurring questions

As always a WIP, so comments are welcome. I am not Masterblogger, so bear with the rough edges till I get a hang of the whole blog thing.

Thanks for your time

Just added a video update on using the Photoshop Warp Feature on the following sketch.


added a hemlet sketch video

very cool, thank you, always helpful to see exactly how someone else uses the same tools!

thanks yo- I am working on getting better video and adding audio as well.

Another update. I might not update for a while. Thi one shows a little bit of Solidworks and Painter workflow.