Master Programs for Non Design Undergards

Helloooo! I am a psych major and business minor at U of I (senior this year). I want to go into industrial design and have been searching for good masters programs for product design or even user interface design as well. Does anyone know any schools that offer masters programs for NON design backgrounds?

What do people think of IIT Institute of Design in Chicago?? They offer a Master of Design/MBA dual degree for non-design backgrounds. What kind of rep do they have?


I would really urge you to search the boards for this topic.
There is some great discussion around the pros and (mostly) cons of a Masters with a non-design background opposed to another undergrad.

Are you dead set on a masters?

Northwestern NPD masters if you have 58g.

tell us more about your self. How many drawings do you do a week on ave? what kind of things are you drawing?