Master program: Delft strategic product design or Art Center

I’m having so much trouble deciding between Delft and Art Center for my master study. I applied TU delft strategic product design and Art Center product design and both get a result with offer and scholarship. Delft give me a 2 year tuition fee waiver scholarship. Full Scholarship!! very attractive for me! Art Center scholarship can only cover part of my living cost.

As I know Delft is more engineering aspect, it is very application and solution oriented. Art Center is very strong in the hand drawing and aesthetic forms, also for its historic connections.

I grew up and studied design in Asia background and I already have three years working experiences in design consultancy. Therefore, I am planing to study oversea and putting myself to a very new and cutting edge environment. Delft and Art Center, which one is better?

I am very appreciate if anyone can give me some suggests!
thanks you !!! :smiley:

You might want to change the font size on your post. I can barely read it and I’m sure others will experience the same.

Sorry, first time to post a topic.
Change the font size already.