master of urban furniture or urban design...

Hi, does anybody know about a master on urban furniture or urban design but not urban planning? a master more for industrial designers than for architects.

A master where you can work on the basics and all about urban spaces, public spaces, people and culture in cities and of course urban furniture, urban experiences and urban design…

In Europe, South America, USA or Canadá. (if you know about it in spain it would be so much better).

Muchas gracias!

Never heard of an ‘urban’ design program, but its a pretty safe bet that most any graduate program (especially in Europe) will deal with the built urban environment by default. You may have to tweak an existing program to your idea. Your best bet would be to find a place with both design and architecture.

Some places may be: (in no particular order)

-Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam
-Design Aacademy Eindhoven ‘Funlab’ program. (designed experiences)
-Pratt (NYC)
-Art Institute of Chicago designed objects studio program.

My 2 cents. Wouldn’t be a bad class/program for a school to start up. (hint-hint)

not many schools have married architecture and industrial design yet. i don’t know why since a lot of id was born from architects.

graduate schools i’m looking into are:

-carnegie mellon
-school of the arts institute chicago (designed objects)

i can’t remember the names, but i remember reading about two schools in valencia, spain that had interesting curiculums of design.