Master of Arts/Master of Science

Hi everybody,
I am an italian student recently graduated in Industrial and environmental design. I’m looking for some postgraduate programmes in Europe to further my studies and I have already found some but I have questions for you.
What I would ask to you is what are the differences between a MA and Msc program. Until now I excluded Msc programs because I have read that they are very technical and i’m scared about it. They are usually programmes in the faculty of engineering. Can anyone explain me how deeply technical are they? (I mean, is required a good knowledge in engineering subjects and/or mathematics?) For what they differ from MA?

Furthermore I would ask you if you can suggest me some master programmes in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark held in english. I know about Sandberg institute in Amsterdam but I didn’t find a lot of informations about it.
I wait for your answers, advices and informations!