Master industrial design at Lund Uni

Hi all,
I have been admitted at the Master’s in Industrial design at Lund Uni starting in autumn 2011. :slight_smile:
I would ask you some info about it. I know that Lund uni has a great reputation but also the master in industrial design is really recent. Thus, what’s your overall opinion? Do you know someone who have studied or is still studying there? Do you know any links which show works from Lund students?

Thanks a lot

Hi, - There is a lot of work on that page, both from master and bachelor programme.

Your welcome to PM me if you have any specific questions. I was enrolled there and currently finishing my masters.

Thanks for your reply. I will take a look at the website later.
I have just few questions at the moment:
First, the programme is focused on furniture design (as I heard many say) or you can decide the kind of projects to work on?
Second, do they prefer that you work mostly with sketches or 3D/renderings?
What’s your overall opinion about the masters?
How is life and student life in Lund?

thanks again