Master in ID...? without any ID background?

Hi, It’s me again.

As a summary of my situation: I’m a newly graduated Molecular Biologist who has been looking to get into ID.

After some thought and advice (mainly from friends and here) I decided that joining a bachelor degree in ID would be the best alternative for me since I don’t have any background in design (apart from some hobbie web-design work).

Also, having a more scientific and technical background I wanted to join a more technical degree (like that of Delft Technical University). So, my plans were devised for this.

Yesterday I went to a local Design School, actually the most prestigious Design school in Portugal (IADE), in spite of being a private (private schools are somewhat a second choice for everyone around here, not so much because of prices but because of quality, but I don’t want to generalize). I was looking for foundation course I could take during this hiatus year so that next year when I ran for Delft bachelor degree I would be better prepared.

They didn’t have what I needed but they quickly asked me why wouldn’t I take their master in ID since, I already had a bachelor degree? Well, I said that being a biologist would differentiate me from other designer but realistically I was not certain that I could take a bachelor degree easily let alone a Master in ID. Well, they said it could be harder for me in some subjects but not so in many others.

I wanted to ask you what you think about this… I’m afraid that they, being a private and for profit institution, would certainly be interested in getting another student (specially in this case because ID master still have a couple of free places for more students… even though classes already started for about a month now).

trust your instincts on this one

I would find a program that has a ‘post-bac’ year, and then apply to masters programs.