master ID + master architect

hey guys!

after my master in ID i think i want to get a master in architecture. This is why:

Approaching the end of my master in ID, and after all these design tasks i doubt i want to design products for the rest of my carreer. It is not my passion to design products, although I do admire good design. I know I’m not ‘super’, I never was super. I came where I am because of hard work.

While saying this, I don’t want to say I don’t love the correlation between hard work, a good portion of creative input and the analytical, methodological design process. I want to proceed with designing and I’m gonna, but maybe not with focus on products.

I really think I’m gonna do well in architecture, I think it would ‘fit’ me better then ID. I’m not sure why, but I got a really good vibe about this.

But I got my doubts…

Won’t my master degree in product development vanish, when I got my master in architecture? Will I distinguish myself from my colleague-architects because I got a master in ID? I’m asking this, because architecture is 3 years study more. I.D. was 5, it’s an effort, it has to be worth it.

Have you done any internships to verify that ID is not the right path for you before you embark on 3 more years of academia?

yeah maybe you’re right, it’s just that i don’t know what to do after my studies. I just want to develop myself more i guess… i thaught architecture would a good way to do that, but maybe it’s not the best way.

After surfing on archinect… 3 years is a long time drawing buildings :confused:

Maybe i shouldn’t go more wide, but maybe i should specialize…

figgering it out… =)

thx yo

Maybe you should get out of school and get a job.