Master degree, good idea?

Having a Bachelor degree in Interior design, am I qualified for getting a master degree in Industrial design?

I’m now looking for a Master programme in Europe but I’m wondering if it’s a good idea. most masters are 2 years, is it enough for me to get the knowledge I need to get into this new field? plus other students will probably have an ID background, then I might feel behind.

Or is it better for me to look for a Bachelor? with that I’d be throwing away 5 years I spent studying my first bachelor which is also design-related. But on the other hand I’d have my time to absorb this new field and make a decent portfolio as well.

Which will get me a better chance to be hired by employers having
Ba in Interior design + Ms in Industrial design OR
Ba in Interior design + Ba in Industrial design?

Hi Ralta,

On paper, having a master degree is definitely a plus over having 2 bachelor degrees. A master’s program offers you more depth and a more advanced way of thinking and managing projects. To find what suits you best you will have to take an in-depth look into the program you want to follow - if your interior design course has been of a high enough level I estimate you will have little trouble adapting to industrial design. You will just need to work extra hard and brush up on what you have missed in the bachelor’s. Go for it!

Having an undergraduate degree in a design discipline, I think you would be a good candidate for an ID masters program. Just make sure the program includes what you want to get out of it. Some masters programs are more theoretical while others are more practical.

I would like to hear if anyone is aware of a online Master program related to the design field or ID…

or perhaps yo would hire me as a intern :wink: