Massive Coroflot Upgrade scheduled for July 16, 2006

We’re finally ready to unveil the new Coroflot this coming weekend.

There is a ‘Whats New’ page explaining the features and a preview page with a collection of screenshots.

The biggest change is that we will support UNLIMITED FILE UPLOADS. So get your JPGs ready and post as much work as you want, starting Monday.

The site will be offline this weekend as we perform the transition. Post questions here and we’ll respond as best we can.

All of the new feature are awesome, and I know core77 has been working to provide the best set of free services around (heck its better than a lot of paid services).

Maybe this is a good spot to post some FAQ’s? Like:

Will members have to reregister their login names? or will they have an opportunity to keep their existing ones?

All existing accounts will remain.
Your current names/passwords will all still work.
All existing information (images and text) will be ported over to the new site.
Since all portfolio files will now be organized into sets, everyone will have their existing files put into a default set called ‘Portfolio’. Sets can be renamed at any time.
You will be able to upload an unlimited number of images to your portfolio. Image size is a max of 200K. Files should be no larger than 700px wide X 1000px high. Anything bigger than that will be resized to fit. Anything larger than 200K will fail to load.

What else can I tell you?

Are the boards going to change also?
I like the new version, especially that now you can see who has you added to their network, that’s nice.

Love the changes!

looks nice, im lloking forward to updating my corefolio soon.

Is anyone else have problems with the search function?

I know my page is usually found with the keyword “footwear” in an advanced search, but with the new version, the search comes back with nothing. I also tried a few other keywords with no results.

I have tried every combination of selecting search fields with no result. It would be a shame if this new version doesnt pick up on keywords!

is this just me?