Mass Art or SCAD

Hey I was jsut curious if people could give me any info on what they feel would be the better school for I.D…Mass Art or Savannah College of Art and Design…thanks!

Why those 2?

Visit both schools, and visit both towns. Review their ID curriculum, their ID facilities, and their ID program first hand. In my opinion, the choice was unquestionably clear.

well im going to scad right now…but i live in boston and im missin home right now…just wanted to know if I would get as good as education either place I went.

I hear you. Get used to missing home. That’s life. Your design job may just have you living in other countries, and certainly different cities than your hometown. Plus, Boston doesn’t have Tybee Island, or 50 degree winters. I’ll be in Savannah in a couple of days, PM me if you want me to show you the ropes of that amazing city.

stay at SCAD, you’ll be glad you did.

so is this saying that I wouldn’t get a good job if I went to Mass Art ?

Can’t relate to this one. I flew the coup at 18 and never looked back. I went to school away from home and moved to another country upon graduation.

What happens when you do graduate and you can only get a job on the other side of the country? If you’re not happy with the schooling, that is a reason for changing schools, IMO.

I am a SCAD grad from 2002. I was very happy with the education I received and I feel that they have a very nice and young ID department. I have a great job as a package designer. If you stay there you will get a great education.

As far as being away from home, that has to be you call. How long have you been at SCAD? Can you stick it out to the end?