Masks used when sanding...EDITED!


I was wondering if you could help me in identifying a material… I am looking for a kind of papier-maché type thing, which is also translucent. Ideally, it´d be cheap (I´m hoping it would be as it´s paper, and recycled could work), two sections could be glued together in an industrial process, and fairly rigid, even when not too thick…ie 1mm or 2mm, for example.

I´m imagining something like egg-box material, but very importantly, it must be TRANSLUCENT! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestions!


I´ve seen bamboo mentioned here… would that be feasible as an alternative, in very thin laminate? Any links much appreciated! Cheers!

Haha…it´s me again… talking to myself!

I´ve just had a brainwave… the material they use for face masks could be just what I´m looking for:

It´s not paper…does anyone know what it´s made from? Also, how would you join two surfaces? Would adhesive work? Is it suitable for use in warm temperatures? I´m assuming it´s fairly stable as you´d be breathing through it…

See Name that material!