Maserati Granturismo S drawing

Hey everyone,
I finished this one this week, it’s about four hours of work.
Any suggestions/comments?


Overall I’d think this is a really nice drawing. Was it done directly from a reference?

Couple of thoughts:

  1. If you can’t scan your drawings try to photograph them in sunlight or under a nice bright white interior light source. Try to make your whites appear white. Right now it looks like your paper is gray. This will help your drawings pop and read better on screen. Or if all else fails play with it in Photoshop or similar software package to adjust the levels.

  2. I think some of your shadow values could be pushed much darker. What hardness pencil are you working with? Don’t be afraid to use 6B or Ebony in shadow areas, it will give the drawing more depth.

I did a quick 60 second photoshop to show you what I mean, hope you don’t mind.

really nice drawing though, just punch up those darks and it’ll really start to pop.

Looks really good. I would have to echo choto and say darken your values/increase your contrast. Great start!

Thanks you two! This site is so helpful, I love it!

Actually I did photoshop it; the picture I took was even grayer, it was awful. I changed the brightness and contrast. I agree that the lighting doesn’t look right, it looks better in person.
I just used a mechanical pencil… I’ll try darkening the shadows with an ebony pencil, and try scanning it.
And I don’t mind you editing it. Thanks for putting in the time to help me! :slight_smile:


And yes, it was done from a reference picture. I forgot to post it. It’s a picture in here: