Mascots for Beijing Olympic Games

i think most of people have seen the Mascots for Beijing Olympic

here, i just want to know what do u think of the Mascots

the pictures are following

They´re cute, I guess. I guess they try to reflect the intricate nature of Chinese aesthetics, with a childish twist.

I wonder if having 5 mascots instead of one is a good thing. Too much information to handle. It seems to me that a single character could have a stronger impact and could communicate better an idea.

Remember Cobi, the dog designed by Javier Mariscal for the Barcelona Games in 92 ? Many people might think it´s ugly, but I think it´s a powerful image.

I say the “intricate” influence came from Japan, although I doubt any mainlander will ever feel alright to admit it. They certainly resemble the powerpuff girls though.

I do agree that they should just have one mascot, dragon or something.

the design is very chinese, the style feels japanese… and where did that panda come from?

So now do these mascots jail and beat you if you disagree with the communist party openly or attempt to protest, or do they have hench-mascots for that?


Cobi kicked ass. to the point and with a “childish twist” as well I guess.