Martens Temperature?

I was looking at the material data here,

What is exactly “Martens Temperature”?


sorry, i couldn’t find any reference to Martens Temperature.

where did you see it?

Bleeeeen…sorry guys. Thank you Lmo for pointing out…
You’ll have to go to that left side menu…go to Arboform…and then to the Material Data, where under thermal properties one can see that Martens temperature… I assume it’s some European term…

hmm…no wonder this post got so many replies…

I tried to Google it, but all I came up with was a billion of pages with," This is Martens family…the temperature today is 34 °C"…or something very similar.

My semi dead at this time of the day brain just got an idea, actually … Martens temperature for Arboform is 50 °C, while the softening point is 80 °C… Can Martens temperature be the temperature at which stress relieving is done?

Hmm…well in metallurgy there is the formation of “martensite” in steel which is a carbon/iron crystal structure that makes steel stronger (i.e. the process of hardening steel), but how that applies to plastics I’m not sure.

well, summa abitch. it’s the temperature at which a given material defelects. and it’s currently used widely on Jupiter…

see: (better than google for this kind of stuff).

the specific page is below… scroll down to “martens temprature”

long ain’t it…?

All right!

Thank you muchly…