Mark's portfolio

Have recently updated my portfolio. I put quite a bit of work up there and probably a few things need to come down.

I am still working on the “Voyage” page so nothing to see in there yet, eventually will be the place for more personal work such as photography etc.

Anyway any feedback would be welcome.



Good to see you on the board chap, its been a long time! You looking at getting out of Hong Kong?

Hit me up at if you fancy a chat.

Tom Rushbrook

Hi Tom,

How’s tricks? I’ve just dropped you a line on your hotmail.


just taken down some pieces that on reflection looked a bit out of place and replaced with some newer sketches. Hopefully a bit better

I am not sure if it is because I am using a tablet but the pics navigation is a bit difficult. I kept on loosing my place…

I think a click through / slideshow function would be better since you are using flash.

Did anyone else have this problem?

Great work though…

i refuse the look at sites where the thumbnails roll across the page …ugh…so annoying i wish no one ever came up with that damn thing.

Looks pretty cool, the intro sequence looks like an optical illusion!

I am also not a fan of the scrolly interfaces, I always loose control and it makes me realize I’m a bit of a dolt…

but the Sprandi Modny shoe was worth it for sure. I would like to see more on that, and more work of that nature. I think it also might be nice to make the viewable area bigger, but include more in each frame, this way the viewer could look at the sketch and the photo at the same time… and there would be less frames to scroll from.

Probably just my personal preference.

Thanks guys. It’s good to get some other “eyes” on this thing after working on it myself for so long.

Wow I didn’t realise the scroll interfaces were so unpopular. I’d seen a couple of my photographer friends use it and I liked the way it allowed the user to have some interaction with the site in that you can controi the speed of the scroll and choose which thumb to enlarge.

Hmm maybe I need to look at some alternatives.

Lingmeister: Yeah the front page was sort of meant to have that optical affect to get some interest but not take too long with a big intro animation.

YO: It made me laugh when I read your comment on the Sprandi Modny shoe. That certainly was a bizarre project. We basically developed a last inspired by some Italian men’s fashion shoes, then took the lines of a conventional Oxford shoe and used sport technology to make it comfortable. Rather experimental and actually a commercial flop. We did a few more models later but not my designs. And I think you’re right about getting more in each frame, i.e sketch and photo together.