Marking up sketches

Wondering what other peoples work flow is:

Currently when i get a series of sketches they are provided a a PDF - nice simple all compiled - but Acrobate really sucks i.e the pen tool. So what i currently do is save out the pdf as individual jpegs - then open each image in sketch book to redline and provide feedback. this although works is somewhat cumbersome.

Wondering what work flow others have / or if they use a different software.

Check out OneNote which I think is free or comes with Office. There’s a few specialized apps like Drawboard which seem pretty good.

Look at the Surface Reddit forum, all kinds of people are running into your issue:

thank you. we have one-note as well as TEAMS - never would have thought to look there.

Photoshop gives you the option to import a specific page from a PDF. It also lets you export as a pdf so that you can stitch the marked up files back into one document.

Yes, Photoshop will do all of that.
I also use

I’m probably an outlier, and it certainly isn’t easier, but I like to use illustrator. When doing markups I like to have the control of a vector based program.

I use Drawboard PDF for simple redlining, it’s quick and basic enough not to be cumbersome and saving out is easy. For more intricate stuff or things I need to sketch onto, I use Leonardo.