Marketing laughs

Its not fair to always pick on marketing, but it is fun…

hahahaha! really nice!

Oh my god, that is my life on a daily basis. Unbelievable.

I must say it happens in every design related industry everywhere in the world.

The really, really, really sad part is that I have had the meeting where the marketing manager said that their daughter didn’t like the colors being chosen for a product targeted at ADULT TRAVELLING BUSINESSMEN!!!

thanks for bringing back the pain :wink:

The way they depicted the designer and his “design process” was more offensive than the way they depict marketing… Hey, at least they’re trying to do their job by defining the market–what’s the designer doing??

Check out this one: 2007 Hatch Awards - Opening Video - YouTube

In my eyes this maaaaaaaaaaaaaaarvelous Video doesn´t show the
shortcomings of marketing but 2 other things:
Never show your favourite solution first.
(Exception: Your client happens to be Steve J.)

try to form with your lipps: “_nn_nNNNO !
and keep your head up and your shoulders straight while saying that
,tossing the lease contract of your battered Corolla into the imaginary dustbin.

try on a daily basis.

yours mo-i

“I’m a big fan of anything with Chimpanzees for some reason” … someone give that young man a cookie.

How many people in that room do you think read and retained the book 1984?

I am there right now. The comments that come out of marketing and sales are unbelievable.

love it…its getting sent round to everyone

yea that is great, its just crazy that as a student i would have just laughed at that because its rediculous… now i laugh at it because its sad and painfully true. :confused: