Market Reports and Market Forcasts

Hello everyone, I have just registerd as a member and wonderd if anyone out there could possibly help me?. I am a second year student at Liverpool University and have been tasked with a large assignment related to the shoe industry. I was wondering if anyone could possibly send me some recent Marketing Reports and Marketing Forecasts for this industry. I have been unble to find anything without spending a huge amount of money, which I don’t have. Hope someone can help as I am getting a little stressed to say the least. Kind Regards…Erin.

That’s going to be highly confidential information. The best you might get is something vague from the last five years in an academic journal. Go to your library and ask a librarian to help you look it up in journals. I’ve found some fascinating information there.

If you are trying to find the aesthetic trends, I would just recommend visiting a lot of stores with a camera and a sketch pad (they often don’t allow photography, but sketching is fine). Most trends don’t pop out of nowhere, but are evolving from what’s going on today.

If there is a specific aspect that you are looking for, try narrowing down your question and maybe someone with more industry specific knowledge can help.

Liverpool should have access to Mintel and Which reports which will have facts and figures + try the BFA (british footwear asc)

depends if you are looking for formal or performance as to where you search

In the UK, there are Verdict reports, I think you have to pay for them,though.

If you are a student Iwonder if they’ll help you for nothing? Worth a try…