MARKERS!! which one is the best...share your expierence ....

Hi everybody.I was wondering about buying some big set of markers.Which one is the best in your opinion?

If Y know about any of them please help to chose…thanks

Copic are the most expensive, as you probably know.
But they’re a pretty nice marker. They offer some of the coolest colors.

I know that…But Id like to know about how each one of the markers works…if there are good value for money…

I am guessing that you are supposed to get these for a class?

-if not, I would suggest spending a little extra now on a tablet and save money in the long run

otherwise - i would get prismacolors, they work fine, and aren’t as expensive as the others, don’t obsess over which marker is “the best”, just pick one and learn to use it

-i’ve never used copics, unless they’re magic, i can’t see the great benefit, although I have always been intrigued

Copics aren’t magic at all.
I only have a few, mostly if I wanted a specific color that Prismacolor didn’t make. Mostly I have Prismacolors. IDioit is right. Just learn to use one kind, get a grasp, because chances are, you’re eventually going to switch to some kind of digital rendering.

Favorite markers:

1: Chartpack Ad
2: Tria Environmental Set

Prismacolors for “highlight colors” (red, blue, green) and one off colors, rarely used though.
Tria grey, 3 tones max. They get used the most hence the need for the refills. You can also buy replacement nibs for the trias. Used most often, anything more than that generally turns to presentation stuff in which case it’s time for photoshop.


They make those all nighters smell SO sweet

I like TRIA markers myself

Chartpak ad markers

coolgreys 1, 3, 5, 7, 9,

mint green, chrome orange, azure and others


I don’t enjoy the prismacolors, and haven’t used the refillable brands (but I can see where they could come in handy)

Refillable Trias are nice, not smelly. Only thing is that the ink on the label rubs off with heavy use, so I put a piece of clear glossy tape over the color “stamp” so I can always read it. Other than that they’re nice and you really don’t notice an odor at all, especially compared to all the rest of the brands.

I like Painter

Markeres seem to be a thing of the past

Not to mention Ctrl Z

I use Trias for the most part. A black Sharpie once in a while :slight_smile:

And skinny’s right – the labels do wear off. So I keep mine upright in a neoprene sleeve (actually some kind of insulation thing for a water bottle) with the flat end out – the color dot on the end only rubs off a tiny bit.

I’ve used prismas a few times, never copics. I really don’t like the fat nib on the prismacolors though.

has to be Tria cool gray 2

Right On! :slight_smile:
Get more “inspiration” that way.

I’ve also used Dollar Store cheap markers (10 for 2$)
They don’t blend AS well, but you can get some nice effects, especially when they start to dry out a bit, and you can render with that ‘dry marker’ effect.
Anyway, used them on a couple of presentations at school, made my sketches different from others.

Prismacolors are nice b/c they are not as juicy as the AD markers. They let you blend easier and work your way up to the saturation level you want. If you’re new with markers that’s nice to have. AD markers are harder to control. They’re good if you know what you’re doing and you can do it fast.

But seriously…if you have no markers now look into getting a tablet and sketching software. It’ll be more now (but probably not as much as you think), but cheaper in the long run. Then just pick up a set of grays if you really need the markers for something more analog.

I use both computer and markers. Having studied at Coventry, where we were treated to Chartpak AD markers, I have to say these are my favourite. They are ‘juicy’ as the last person mentioned but with practice you learn to make the most of that - it only means they last longer anyway.

Tria markers are easy to get hold of in the UK but they don’t have the fluidity for easy renderings (in my opinion) - esp. if you use them with the Letraset marker pads which are very smooth but possibly a little too absorbent.

Chartpak markers on Frisk marker paper do the job quite nicely I think.

the best marker is about 1/2 - 3/4 dried up. beautiful, sweet effects. subtle. I treasure the markers I bought 10 - 20 years ago. kinda like wine…

Trias, in my case. There’s no place that sells copics (plus, I personally see no benefit, having tried some from the guys at my school that actually bought them), and I really don’t like the shape of the broad nib on the prismas. Trias have a nice chisel point, whereas prismas are this sort of round, sort of pointed thing that I absolutely hate.

yea i also hate the broad tip on the new prismas…i miss the old brushy style, like what the Trias have now, which is why i love the trias

also the trias have 3 different tips and the fine tip cap is pointy so you dont have to guess or read a label…very nice :slight_smile:

chartpaks do smell like shit :slight_smile: too juicy for me, im not used to them yet. They definately have punch though\

ive never used copics…the price is too scary:P