Markering Help

I was never much of a marker user as a kid (more of a colored pencil and crayon tot) so seeing so much markering in ID makes me think I need to start learning how to use markers … specifically how to create different materials (plastic, leather, chrome, etc) using markers.

I’m thinking one viable approach is to take a bunch of penned line drawings and photocopy them. Then I can try, for example, making a car with a chrome bumper and wheels made of rubber … or leather bumper and clear plastic wheels =). Does this sound like a reasonable plan? Do you guys have any other tips besides looking at some examples of markered drawings and emulating them?

Also has anyone seen Copic’s DVD tutorials?


Your best bet is to probably go to and watch some of Spencer Nugents marker rendering tutorials. They are very informative and helpful–should start you off in the right direction.