I am a 21yr old shoe designer/ student. I work professionally. and I have old sample work at www.

basically I have tons of questions. i have been asking alot around work. but because of my age I am not respected liek i feel I should be. They have been in teh business longer then i have been in the world. but I have shoes in pre-production now,along with several outsoles,and a gel insole. but I mainly use illustrator for my work I am fast with it. i can outline draw with no problm. but i was told that illustrator is not taken well in the biz. so I need to know how to do marker renderings. i am a self learner. I have taken no coureses on product or shoe design. self tought and learn quickly.

But i want to be well rounded and i dont want to be coming up short if i ever wanted to find a new job, and i need to know this.


I just started this logged on to this site and coroflot yesterday, still in teh process of organizing my profile and portfolio.

thank you,


please be critical with my work I want to grow as a designer.

Can’t display your link.

You are from Taiwan?

this is the link to my old work posted.

not from tiawan, but some of my companies offices are there.

I have traveled alot, grew up living from place to place, moved every two years my mother couldnt hold a job. i have lived in california, michigan, nevada, utah, boston, now i live in new york, my family is back home in detroit MI

Did you say you go to Parsons?

You said you have not taken any course on product design? So what do you major in Parsons?

Why marker renderings? I mean there are many ways of traditional rendering technique, what makes you want to know more about marker rendering than anything else?

I think before anyone starts to think about rendering, he/she should think about drawing in perspective first.
check out the tutorial, the best thing you can get for free.

YES I o to parsons and I major in Communication design, and i am a junior.

I have taken many illustrations courses. But I want to learn how shoe designers present there work. I use illustrator. I know how to do perspective and I have taken two years of figure drawing courses. But I want to know how the majority of shoe designers present there work. skinny told me that peopel are not impressed by illustrator as much anymore…So I need new methods. I have been designing shoes for a yr now professionally, but I had decided to do communication design as Parsons about two yrs ago. I wasnt planning on designing shoes it just happend…long story. My school doesnt really have classes for shoe design, and the product department mainly focuses on furniture.

YO, Where are you?

“where are you???” what do you do? Why do you want to know?

YO is the shoe designer from Nike. He knows a lot of stuff about shoe design. He can probably help you out.

Thank you. i have already spoken to him, and others whom have been very helpful.

Thank you everyone.


If you are a good learner there is book out there that will teach you techincal side of Marker Rendering called “Rendering Techinques, by Dick Powell” it is out of print so find it on Amazon…

Other than that it takes practice, as my transportation teacher said to me in college the fresh fast accurate renderings sell ideas…

thanks-do you have any of those transportation sketching? I would love to see-even if it was like years back-I will check out that book. I dont use marker renderings too much or computer at one of the places i work at-the production process is so fast that, it doesn’t require marker rendering (kenneth cole -reaction footwear) I was told by Yo that most casual/ fashion footwear companies work in the same manner.

I have been trying to find more on rendering at local bookstores-anymore books you know of would be great-

thank you again–

Yo those links are nice- I really am thinking about getting that presentation tech. on amazon-I like the automotive rendering books-I think more books with rendering auto-would be nice.

gotta build up my library-

no problem. It’s hard to find good books on rendering. Rendering is such an easy way to get your ideas across.

and its its something that you can always wrk at. And evolve to find new styles and methods of getting from a to b.

Kenneth Cole? hmmm…I used to “intern” there but I quit…it was driving me crazy. Do you know Pablo?

ye I did a couple assignments for pablo, he’s a cool guy… but i mostly work with Lisa Cronin. do you know Jim, he is also a footwear designer that works for them?

I was going to intern there-but during the interview they liked my work and fired me to do freelance for them for awhile. It was kinda luck that robert was there that day and he came in and said that I could have a job there. I like it, it is a very fast production process.

also isn’t in conflicts legally with my other freelance footwear job.

Yeah…Pablo is cool. Lisa? Yup…I know know of her…she graduated from my school…F.I.T…and Jim? I don’t remember a Jim. I was there about two years ago but things didn’t work out…they saw me as someone who just wanted to sketch all day…that wasn’t the case. I just wanted to learn something but they had be packing boxes and stuff like that, you know the dirty work…they called it “paying dues”…at the time I called it “Kenneth coal mine” I really didn’t leave on good terms but it is what it is…ey…remember I had emailed about an internship a while back…was it for Kenneth Cole? Wow…small world.