Marker Rendering Tutorial

Recently i decided to try my hand at marker rendering, i have only been trying very basic things at the moment but i tried to find information on the net about this subject but i could find very little.

so ive made a video tutorial on rendering a cube it can be found here

hopefully itll jsut help give people a little idea of what they can do, im not pretending to be an expert on the subject but i felt theres a lack of this kind of content about.



OK… next draw it without the ruler, in perspective, with a pen. Then render it so you don’t have to cut it out, add a shadow. Repeat… and soon you will be an expert. :smiley:

interesting that you made a video about this… I usually doodle a few cubes for warm-up when I break out the markers…

like so.

I do like the Infadels though…

Have you checked out any of Dick Powell’s books?

lol, i tried :smiley:

out of interest, how long have you been using markers for copyboy?

At the moment ive decided to try it to further my A level coursework. sadly our school stopped teaching marker rendering years back. the unis im looking at however still say its a key skill to learn.



I took my first marker rendering class at AIFL in 2002, we had 3 class devoted to markers rendering and perspective. They were my favorite classes, I still use markers when ever I can for a splash of color. It is certainly a key skill IMO. Keep it up!

cool. i shall keep it up! i quite enjoy it, it brings a whole new area to my quick sketches.

I tried looking for some dick powell stuff, my teacher recomended his stuff aswell, sadly it seems kinda hard to locate over here in england


the dick powel book an’t too bad but a bit dated…covers the basics.

while the gnomon DVD’s are pure insperation.

In the end nothing beats practice practice practic…and loose that ruler!

With the advent of things like YouTube, I actually wonder why we don’t see a bit more of this.

I would love to see a camera looking over the corner of anyone that draws well.

Yo, how about strapping a camera to your noggin’ and posting a few tutorials to YouTube? I would imagine it would be a lot quicker than many of the tutorials you have done on C77 before.

Hell, maybe if you turn it into a daily vBlog you could be the ZeFrank of the design world…YoFrank

I like that idea a lot, its not liek u need much to do it. i used my digital camera to that one, the qualities pretty good but google video destroyed the quality nicely lol



Once I get some more time I’l look into getting a little set up.

well i had a bash at rendering so i dont have to cut it out, and i didnt use a ruler! yay

ive found it difficult to make the surfaces look even if that makes sense.

what would people suggest to do next?


No cut out, no ruler, GOOD!

try very hard to get the perpective as correct as you can before you hit it with the marker. draw the shape a few times, maybe draw-through it the first few times, then use the best one as an underlay for a while.

as far as getting the surfaces to look even, try to not pick the marker up as you fill the color, if you do the strokes will dry then you’re sort of putting on a second coat in some places. It depends a little on your markers too, I use Chartpak AD markers, and I usually do pick up the marker a little, I just get it right back down fast. the ‘wetter’ you go the more even it will be.

next go back over the darker areas a few more times maybe waiting 1-3 minutes in between coats.

and then hit the linework one more time, with a pen, making the outter linework 2x the wieght as the innner linework

ok cheers buddy, i shall ahve a bash at all that.

i have touch twin markers, only because they were the cheapest though, im a student so i dont have money :stuck_out_tongue: lol