Marker Rendering Help

I am trying to render a knife, and was wondering if there are any good examples of marker rendered blades out there. I know it basically a reflection of light or scenery, but was wondering if there’s a good technique that works well.


keep it simple, a few swipes of a cool grey 10% and 20% marker and you should be good. post your line work, might help to see what it is looking like

free web image hosting:


One of the projects in the following digital portfolio is knife concepts, they are photoshop rendered I think, but the same principles apply.

Check out the third page here, really simple knife rendo, one color, just enough to get the point across (no pun intended) Michael Williams, Lead Industrial Designer in San Diego, CA

you can also check some cg websites and concept art websites. they have plenty of similar stuff in their galleries.

For example,