marker rendering advice??

Hey all whats up,

Can anyone offer me any tips or guidance as to producing slick, clean and confident marker renderings???

Im finding rendering with markers quite frustating and unforgiving as i feel like i never know which grey tones to start off with and mistakes seem to happen easily. I tend to draw mostly cars at the moment. Im quite confident with my line work but as soon as its time to apply colour i get confused and my brain freezes up.

I’ve read books and done tutorials on the subject but as soon as i apply this to my own work it never looks too great… I know that it is all down to time and practice, just wondered if anyone can offer me any tips/pointers that they found helped when they were learning?? Cheers

I find that at the beginning, it’s okay to overwork the marker work a little just to kind of fidget the tones to the right values. The better way to lay in tones is to start off dark, because you may oversaturate the paper if you start off at 10%. But at the beginning it’s okay to oversaturate it. It’s all practice.

Cars are really hard to practice on, because you have to understand all the complex surfaces and reflections, so I’d back off and do some easier rectangular objects. Study from real life. Understand the lighting. That’ll be the key to help you decide what tones to use.

ok i’ll try this, thanks