Marker Paper?

Hi everyone, I’m prepping for my class and wondering which marker paper I should suggest students use. The link below is to a Google survey where you can either choose or enter your preferred paper.

Thank you!

The marker paper I have is the Canson bleedproof one, but I much prefer just normal paper. I find it easier to saturate and build texture, even if I use more ink.

Bienfang 360, that brings back a lot of memories. I recall they had a different offering that most of my schoolmates used instead of the 360. Does anyone remember? I preferred the 360 because it had more of a clay coating on the top and saturated better than their other marker paper (which I don’t think they sell anymore).

I always preferred plain old printer paper :slight_smile: … in school I used Vincent vellum.

For concept sketching, yes, 20 pound bond. But for final render I didn’t like the bleed and used the fancy stuff.

I love my copic marker paper! at the last SQ1 sketch conf. i was at there was a company that was selling (premium price) sketch books. but the nice thing was you could use both sides as there was no bleed through.

Copic rules.

I use Schoellershammer paper, it is perfect.
I hardly ever use the good old markers though, the pad has been sitting in my office for almost a decade but quality is still good.
Markers on stock printer paper is possible but definitely detrimental to the sketch.
I do prefer the paper for linework, so often I do a more efficient combination of ballpoint sketch + photoshop coloring.