Marker paper, you guys flip it over?

For some reason Ive been doing this for years and swear I had a rendering professor tell me this. But today I went to tell a coworker to flip the paper and use the back side when rendering. I always use Bienfang Graphics 360. I remember the quality of the paper is not the same on both sides and the marker bleed and the color is not as sharp. Tell me if you guys do the same thing. I might have been rendering wrong for 10 years.


I had been taught (true or not) that you need to test a spot on the first page of a new pad to determine if they had binded the pages in the wrong direction. The “bleed side” is the side that you want to render on because the marker strokes bleed together and the gradations are more consistent. The back side is waxier, and the marker tends to lay on more streaky. I work the back side of the page as well (the waxier side) in order to get my colors darker on the render side. The render or bleed side seems to have more of a “tooth” that grabs onto white prismacolor for highlights. Then again this all may be crap.

I used to do the same thing back when I was in school in 94. I thought the pads were just bound backwards. Haven’t used them since then, guess they haven’t changed.

I always heard the secret was to flip the page over, then flip if over again, then wave your prismacolor over the paper in a circle. It was like a magic trick or something.

i’ve heard of doing this with velum paper
gives you a smokey colour on the front side
as long ast you don’t colour both sides in that area

let it bleed :wink:

I have never used the 360 paper, but I suppose it’s the same technique used on vellum and other translucent papers.

The purpose is to get more variety of shades out of the same marker. For car renderings, they often render on the back side of the vellum to achieve a lighter, more subdued tone. It’s often used for car interiors where the objects are supposed to be behind the glass. Sometimes, they apply marker on both sides to get a even darker tone. You can do the same with chalk.

Most marker paper can’t be used on the flip side because it’s lines with water proof plastic sheet to prevent the ink from seeping through the paper. Eg will be letraset paper by tria.