marker bleeds under masking attempts

In Kemnitzer’s book, “Rendering With Markers” ,one of the techniques is to mask out certain areas with frisket tape/paper. I tried this because my primsa markers on Bienfang graphics 360 paper bleed into parts of the sketch.

So far I’ve tried masking tape, scotch tape, frisket sheets and liquid frisket. Each time the maker bled underneath the tape/sheet/etc. into the wrong part of the sketch.
does anyone have any suggestions? am I using the wrong marker paper? or the wrong markers?
I have a lot of primsa markers so i’d like to try to keep using them if possible.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :smiley:

I never really use a frisket, it really slows down the procees. Usually a marker sketch is a quick rendering to show an idea, unless you are doing an old school final rendering that would be faster in photoshop I wouldn’t recomend messing with friskets.

if you work fast with quick smooth strokes and try not to let the marker sit on the page, it should cut down on the bleeding a little bit…

use magic tape…in the blue box. always worked for me.

listen to george burns, he knows what he is talking about.

What is the worksurface under the paper?

Had a similar issue back in school. See I thought I had a great “Idea”. I covered the entire work surface of my desk with a 3x4 foot self-healing cutting board from friskars. It held the paper were I put it, never had rough spots from cutting the surface, and wiped down easily. Then I started doing more refined final renderings for the last half of our rendering class. Once the markers slowed down the board sucked the ink through the marker paper and velum like a sponge, then redepositing it up from the bottom in other spots.

My sugestion based on current industry practice, use prisma for initial sketches and rapid fire form studies, then final render a clean line drawing in photoshop with the dodge/burn/colorize/highlight methode. The markers take too long, and if you mess up once ther is no Ctrl+Z.

I’m going to make the wild assumption that you are a student who has assignments for marker renderings looming. You probably could care less about Photoshop for the moment.

Also, there is great value in learning to render well by hand first. The techniques you are learning will make you later computer renderings look more realistic and/or dramatic. Take your time, learn markers well!

OK: The solution.

  1. Take another sheet of marker paper. Tape it down along where you want to mask. The paper should cover your highlight (white area).

  2. Take a triangle (I like a big 45 degree triangle) and put masking tape over one edge. This prevents your triangle from getting dirty and contaminating the ink of your markers.

  3. Now work from the side of the highlight, on the paper that is acting as your mask, and color by moving along your triangle. Move quickly! If you stop a marker on a sheet, it will pool! Also, you will not notice small errors when you have completed your rendering.

Don’t worry much about the contour edge of your rendering. If your marker runs past it, it will only lend a little character to the drawing. Also, if you want, you can also cut the rendering our along the contour edges and paste it on to another sheet with a nice colored background to make it pop off the page.