Mark Newson's flop

looks like the design wasnt so great after all. i dont see the point in designing a plane that cannot fly. and have that design being acclaimed by many ‘curators’ and ‘design experts’.

can anyone translate?

Use: to translate form French to Engligh (or whatever)

Anyway they just say regular things, no opinion, just comments on the project and virtual tests… Nothing really interesting

four years ago I worked on a very similiar design and
yes it did fly
and by the way it not anything new look up air craft archives their was a plane just like this back in 60’s as soon as I find the project ill post the image

not that it really justifies this styling exercise semi-passed off as aero-design, but I remember reading an article about this Newsom project in which an aero engineer “rocket scientist” or what have you said that the form would probably fly fine, but also tacked on that they could make a washing machine fly with enough power.

The story I read also talked about the fact that there was a time when the look of the plane was given more attention (i.e. Loewy was brought on to help shape some planes).

I can dig it…

I read that article in mention about the making a washing machine fly with enough power, and I like the idea of a designer butting back into feilds that have been engineering dominated.

What the hell is the point of a personal jet if it doesn’t look cool as all get out? I mean wouldn’t you trade in your lear with its puffy leather seats and gold trump trim for something that like this?

Loewy even worked with NASA on a bunch of stuff and that was before the IDSA existed, have we been making negative progress?

I totally agree with the comments about planes and design. what I disagree with is some foundation pouring millions into a “plane” that wont “fly”

its like giving a coffee pot that doesnt make coffee rave reviews and putting it in a museum.

to be honest, i actually think it looks pretty sweet. i just dont like that he didnt put in the extra legwork to make it a useful object. (or did he but no one is willing to test fly it? if this is the case, props to him and ill shut up).

great take on that…above there…designers leaping into where engineers have dominated…BUT…there needs to be an exchange on both ends, never just one or the other, or you’re simply doing the same kind of predjudice that engineers have against designers.

i think the case is that both need to better understand and compliment each others strengths instead of this continual “i’m better than you”…which leads to only more division…

i mean rodney king said it best…

“can’t we all just get along?”

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, who’s Rodney King… … . … … . … .

Good analogy, I think Phillip Stark might actually do design like that :wink:

I’m with you,

if it CAN fly, good job
If it CAN’T it is just design masterbation.

he was actually the first person that came to mind when I read d-flux’s post as well

the wonderful Juicy Salif, just please don’t use it to make orange juice, or let it come in contact with citric acid

first saw it mentioned on Reluct last year. feeling was similar to DFLUX’s. some comments i’ve read make it sound like more than it is. example:

Kelvin 40 is the result of detailed analyses and painstaking studies made by Newson on the resistance of materials, the balancing of masses and proportions-the requirements of high technology.

dont doubt he learned some things. but nothing you couldnt get from “Intro to Aero” textbook. does remind me how foreign core engineering/physics concepts are to many designers.

some nicer pics:

I don’t find marc newsom to be that talented. Most of everything he’d done has this same cutesy, retro, plasticy, colorful feel to it and I love all of those traits but since most of his designs possess the exact same traits, then I conclude to myeslf that he doesn’t have a lot of range. Karim Rashid is exactly the same way, both in fact are very overrated!

I remember reading a post on here a couple years back that Marc Newsom readily admits to being a sort of one trick pony the one trick being the hourglass type shape. I do think he is very good at that trick.

his trick seems to be more the soft square, and he is a pretty modest guy in general from what I hear from people that have worked with him, just really good at PR!

Karim seems to be the hourglass, but hey, he wants to change the world with that baby, while only wearing white for te new millenium!