Marine Transportation

Marine Transportation Design: Boat, Sail boats, Yacht, surfboards, kiteboards, jet ski… I am thinking of going to school to major in this field. Does anyone have any experience in the area? Thanks.

Hopefully you don’t live in Iowa.

I can’t speak for the states but over this side of the pond most of the design fun is going to be had by qualified naval architects.

However, for the smaller water vessels you mention I guess you could get into it by demonstrating a strong interest / talent / understanding for the area. Plus you could look to an internship in a ship yard / design studio.

Is it possible you could do a degree in ID and a few modules in hydro-dynamics … ?

Seadoo has a studio in Florida

Yamaha has one in LA for ATVs snowmobiles and jet ski’s

and Bombardier has a studio on one of the great lakes in the US

most employ students from transportation design programs.