March Madness

So I’ve been working on these two shoes, which are in development right now for this months Kicksguide theme.

The theme is March Madness, so I decided to create one Nike, one Air Jordan since they seem to dominate the tourney in terms of what the players are wearing.

My aim is to make a shoe fit for any position, and that is the reason for most of the design. The Air Jordan’s inspiration came from the natural flow of the foot and how it moves. The Revolutions are my personal remake to Tinker’s creation and interpreting it in a modern way. These are still very into the early stages.


I am posting these in light of some opinions and feedback so i can get the best result.

I will be posting different views later on.


Thanks for posting your work. It looks like you have some interesting construction ideas in the 2k7. The stubby proportions, rendering style, and scale of details like perfs are making it look kind of toy or kids like though. Make sure you work out all of these issues on paper before you spend lots of time doing tight linework and adding color.

On the Jordan, the proportions are much better seemingly. Great laces. It almost looks like you have 2 distinct form languages going on. Angular underneath, and swoopy with lots of ovals over top. The swoopy form language looks a bit dated. This shoe needs to be pulled together into a holistic final. I’m curious to know what is going on at the toe tip in that inverted section?

Keep pushing the concepts!


do you think that it is possible to have a carbon fiber shank unit which swoops the whole length of the shoe as well as swooping into the forefoot and the midsole?, and do you think it could enhance the overall performance of the shoe if it was broken down into the flexes and curves of the foot?

Carbon fiber is a very rigid material, that has strength up to the point of being flexed and then it snaps clean. It works great in shank applications (see AJ XI and XX1). Anything else becomes decorative really.

I decided to change a few things, and am currently working on the other parts of the shoe. I hope it makes a little more sense.

gettin there, flip that Jumpman over though, the only person who is allowed to make him go that way is Tinker Hatfeild and he only did it on the AJ IX. I would like to see you do some sketches. Sometimes it helps to feel the design out by hand…

hahaha… i never noticed that, and i thought i knew everything… jk jk… i do have so many sketches… ill be posting later on tonight…

conceptual sketches:

Hi man

your design look good but please hides lace, kinds which one does not see the holes. Moreover I find that the idea to have 7 holes for the lace is not badly in the field of the fastener. But perhaps in the field of the style you should put some more. More holes, more brought closer to each other.

In the field of the innovation, it is a pity which your seams are also simplistic, finally I want to say common as on all the shoes of the world. Each jordan has something of single. For holds, the style is well but not therefore single. Why do not you try to innovate on the level of the seams, or maybe on the level of the materials used too. Thinks different to make your design unique; and you are on the right road. Good luck man… Isma

ah yes i see what you’re saying, i appreciate the feedback… i will take that into account…