March Madness....

Something I have been working on for Kicksguide. Any thoughts and opinions are appreciated. I think it is a pretty complete design in terms of just being a line drawing

Good start.

What makes this a March Madness shoe in your design? Are there specific performance elements that help a player enhance his game. Because of the intensity of play during this time are there any unique features as far as fit and cushioning?

I would recommend simplifying the design. What are the key elements? Make them sing on there own. Also, use one form language. Right now you have stripes, a trapezoid airbag window (guessing), squishy shapes under the foot, and the toe from the AJVI. Simplify…

Also, post a smaller version of the sketch so we can view it on screen all at one time with out scrolling around.

I have 2 possible directions to this month’s theme… I am not too sure about which one I am going to pursue.

I am posting these in light of some opinions and feedback so i can get the best result.


shit mah bad :