March/April 2004 ID magazine for subscribers?

I’m an ID subscriber, and I haven’t received the March/April 2004 issue. Has anyone else got theirs in the mail yet?

Their subscription dept is really messed up, imo. This isn’t the first time.

Kinda useless that only one person replied - hard to tell if it’s me or them, at any rate, I went to their site, went to “subscription services” - entered my email address and the site indicates there is a problem with my address, the post office returned the issue since they had the wrong PO Box num for me. Losers!

They’ve got a handy “change address” button but there’s once you enter the info on that web page, there’s no submit button, so you’re just stuck there. Losers!

I just used the site to send them a note - hopefully they’ll be able to make that simple change quickly and get my issue out to me. Sheesh!