MARCH 7th - Please critique updated portfolio

This is the beginnings of my mini portfolio. I’m trying to demonstrate the breadth and depth of my skills, talent, and ideas. This is the beginnings of what I would send to a company for a summer internship.

What is strong, what can improve? If you were an employer, how would this compare to other contenders?


What you have is on its way to being very good. Good process on the recycle bins. I like the clean layout. Very good, clean ideation sketching skills… I want to see more. More content, more variety of projects, more complex projects… I like the rapid viz page (shocker)

In general, I would say you are above the average level of the average sophomore there yogi (you might be too young to know that he was “not your average bear”).

Thanks for the feedback, Michael! I’ll be refining stuff and adding more projects in there in the next few weeks as I try to get it ready for applications.

Thanks again!

EDIT: Below are comments on updated portfolio (March 3rd)…

Bump, to make it more likely to get some feedback.