March 1-HDC- A Versatile Tool for the Kitchen

Design a multipurpose tool for the kitchen.

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016 by 11:59 EST

The International Home and Housewares Show wrapped up last week and with it, thousands of single-use kitchen products will hit the market, destined to clutter cabinets and contribute to that chaotic pile of unnecessary gadgets and mystery parts.

After seeing the current products on offer, we couldn’t help but think there has to be a better way.

Beyond those multi cooker or spiralizer/pasta maker/zester hybrids, we’re looking for products that add true value and streamline your workflow in the kitchen (if you’re in need of further inspiration, take a look at some exemplary projects like the Omni Spoon 8-in-1 measuring spoon Omni-Spoon - Core77 or the ONELID fits all concept ONELID fits all - Core77). What product could be used in the kitchen and then have a second life in your home office? Storage and counter space real estate is at a premium—will your product be able to compete with the reign of the toaster? What about a smart kitchen device that is actually smart?

Our judges Joey Zeledon from Smart Design Food Lab (Joey Zeledon | Meet The Team | Smart Design) and the Gravity Tank Food Experience Design Team ( will be looking for submissions with excellent draftsmanship and original ideas that provide smart solutions to common kitchen problems including but not limited to lack of kitchen counter space, food waste, extraneous appliance parts, inefficient kitchen systems, etc.

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Thanks Linyee.
My Versatile Kitchen Tool submission:
A set of cordless appliances that work with a universal rechargeable battery pack.
Much like what you find in the Power Tool industry, but brought to the kitchen.
With battery pack technology as advanced as it is nowadays, why haven’t we seen this come to market yet?

The “CORE” fruit tower is a modular unit designed to save space and improve efficiency in fruit/vegetable preparation and storage. CORE integrates a peeler, slicer, and core remover in one unit that can be stacked as a tower and selected by the user to perform these functions on spherical fruit as desired, addressing a gap in the marketplace for a tool that combines these into one. This concept was developed with the GoodCook Kitchenware brand in mind, and would be manufactured with a combination of injected molded synthetic rubber and stainless steel to remain dishwasher and fridge safe/friendly. Please see facebook page for more product/project images.


The Microwave Lid

Description: Microwave oven being an indispensable appliance at kitchen, I believe it needs a good look at its design with respect to mobility and required counter space.
This leads me to design a Lid, that acts as a microwave oven - warming/heating food on a plate - specifically designed for this Lid.

Measurement: it measures about 20cm in diameter - the size of a full plate

Materials / Features: The cover or outer case of the microwave oven is usually a one-piece, wrap-around metal enclosure. The oven’s inside panels are made of galvanized or stainless steel and are given a coating of acrylic enamel. The cooking surface is generally made of ceramic or glass.
The control and display panel is touch sensitive.
The handle has in it a LED lit power button (RED/GREEN depending on the power status.)
The height can be adjusted (when heating food with more volume) with the help of the grip which releases the microwave proof cover - retractable accordion mechanism.

Safety: The interlocking switches (between the Lid and its plate) stop the production of microwaves the moment the Lid is lifted or not on its plate or on an empty plate.

Storage: This being as sleek as it is can be stacked/flat packed hence saving packaging and shelf space.

3-in-1 seasoning bottle

salt, pepper, and oil dispenser. reduce clutters in the kitchen with this seasoning bottle, all you need is one bottle!
the oddly sculptural shape is natural result of functional requirements of filling and pouring.
it’s like holding cooking trophy every time you put seasoning into food.

Everyday we have our morning coffees and throw away the cups without thinking twice. But what if we could keep them and make them useful? Admittedly a coffee cup is not a kitchen utensil. However with the right changes it is a product which could have a fruitful second life and make its way to our kitchens and gardens. The idea behind this concept to transform used coffee cups from litter to flower pots.

Together with your fresh roasted morning coffee you receive seeds and compressed dried soil. This will enable you to turn your trash into life with a few simple steps:

  1. Once you are done drinking you coffee you remove lid of the cup (made from a sugar cane based plastic) and separate the heat protection (made from natural cellulose pulped fiber) from the paper coffee cup (made from cardboard with a bio-plastic water proof coating).
    2.In the heat protector there is a the soil and seed.
    3.Fill the paper cup with the necessary amount of water (indicated on the inside of the cup) and add the dirt. After a few minutes it will absorb all the water and grow in size.
    4.At this point you transfer the dirt to the heat protector and plant the seed.
    5.To ensure that excess water and growing roots are contained put the paper cup around the heat protector.
    6.Once the plant needs more space for the roots to grow, remove the heat protector and the plant from the paper cup and plant it in your garden. The heat protector will naturally decompose in the soil and the paper cup can then be recycled or reused for other plants.

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