Marc Newson MoonFire coffee table surface.

Has anyone here seen this table in person? I’m interested in the top surface and how detailed or not detailed it may be. How was the top made?

Since, according to this, there are only 12 of them, I haven’t seen one in person. But I’d guess cast aluminum.

The scale of the image is a bit misleading.
This isn’t a table but rather a “case” for a book by Taschen.

from the link provided above…

Limited to just 12 copies, numbered 1958–1959, the Lunar Rock Edition of Norman Mailer’s MoonFire is designed by Marc Newson. His concept was inspired by the Apollo 11 LEM (Lunar Excursion Module). Each book is contained in a case made from a single piece of aluminum—its surface an actual 3-D topography of the Moon—and comes with a unique piece of lunar rock.

The price is listed at $90,500 per copy… So I guess there may be some room for tooling costs in there!

nope, haven’t seen one…

mhh, that picture tho… looks to me like a rendering with some post-PS, no?