maplex material?

Hi, does anyone know about maplex? I found this material on transmaterial [ ] and searching it on google didn’t bring me much information, what I’ve found are posts a couple of years old [ ] - [] so I would like to know if someone else worked with it or knows how much it costs or if is still manufactured ? (the producers site is not working)

aslo searching through the core77 forum I’ve found this only link - [moldable chipboard - #7 by hitch)]

  • regards, robert

I spent some time browsing your links. It seemed pretty odd that the only point of contact is this, with a webpage that is still under construction after two years.

There are a few articles about projects by designers that used the material, but they are dated. Still, it might be worth trying to contact them… then again, this may be a failed product.

All the searches I ran come back to A little digging revealed:

1200 Pudong Avenue Rm 702
Note - All Postal Mails Rejected, visit
200135 Shanghai
Tel.: +55.1137117371

Just spoke with their office… this material is no longer available.

MAPLEX AHHH yes. My school was given a crap load of that for Intro classes to base projects around about 3 years back.

What I heard:
It’s pretty much compressed bark. It was marketed to us an a “green” material because it doesn’t use any adhesive as a binder. It was first used to insulate electrical boxes because it is flexible and rugged enough to survive moisture. I think it was proprietary to GE.

What I know:
-It’s like handling a sheet of Cresent board if it were an 1/16th of an inch thick, but the edges feel and smells like Masonite. It bends like Cresent board in that you can achieve a very nice curve up until a point and then it cracks and bends. It can tear like a very thin piece of Masonite.

-You can soak it in water, place it in a jig and it will retain that shape relatively well, but it is not a material for structure. Wet Maplex smells like wet dog.

-The kicker is that it got banned from our shop because peoples faces would begin to swell if they inhale fumes from it burning, like if somebody took it through a bandsaw too slowly.

It laser cuts beautifully so I used it as a veneer on top of Masonite. I made a couch cubby for a ridiculous couch that I found in an alley to occupy the space of a missing cushion. Good old intro project. You can get an idea of its texture from the second picture of the mock-up.

@Lmo - thank you very much, indeed I have sent emails to the designer that used this material, hope I’ll get a reply, also a big thank you for calling thier office :slight_smile:
@GEBS - thank you so much for the hands on information about what the material is like and the photos, I thought it was a good alternative to plywood from the way it was advertised in

regards, robert