many interviews, little luck!

I am not sure if you guys have been throught this:

I have been looking for a dream job over a year now, I do have a design job. Have had interviewed 6 companies this year, including two corps, 4 firms. Only got one offer! Which is located in a boring state, something like KY, or similar… I am now in Buffalo, which is not very exciting either.

For the interviews I had, one was on the west coast, flew me over there, hotel stay, full day interview and everything. It was a nice firm. I thought I got it, NO. They said I am not the exact person they are looking for but ask me to keep in touch… Bummer

Other interviews, mostly I was the second choices. Two places decided not to hire anyone at the moment.

So pretty much I have been searching for a year now, still get calls from hunters on a weekly basis… but I start to wonder maybe there is something wrong with the way I did my presentations for the interviews. Otherwise, if they like my samplers and fly me in all the time, how come I only get one offer out of 6 interviews?

It’s a pain that I have to start all over again and work on my powerpoint presentation again. it’s PAIN! Are there any one there just like me?

does everybody do powerpoint presentations?

yes, I’m going through that as well. I have been looking for 3 months and it has been the same thing. I’m going nuts!
I believe that this are the type of situations that force you into something better. I have been working on my own product line and making myself learn new programs, networking and basically moving around a lot.
Maybe we are one of those few people that make it on their own because they don’t get their “ideal” chance and in the end everyone out there stuck behind a desk, reporting to someone will wonder how it is that we are where we are and will do anything to be in our shoes. :smiley:

what about if someone contacted you out of the blue because they saw your info/work somewhere and asked to see your book…it’s been a week since they probably received it and you know you are going to be in that city the following week for an interview, is it ok to let them know you will be in their area if they are “interested in meeting with you.”? It’s kind of like asking for an interview indirectly but really just trying to save myself some time.

Of course, you should definately try and set up an interview if you are going to be in town.

Will you move to a 30k people city in KY for a 8k raise? I am currently in upstate new york

To the original ‘guest’ poster…you workin’ @ Fisher Price? I thought that was the only ID in Buffalo?

not F P, but i won’t tell you who i work for

Fisher Price is in East Aurora I thought.

Hmmm…you’re not registered and posting as guest! No one will be the wiser! :smiley:

I did alot of flying around before I accepted my current position as Creative director in St. Louis, Missouri. I’m in the POP industry. I ended up relocating my wife & myself from Sweet Chicago. The other jobs I checked out were all big companies in Dallas, North Carolina & New York. It’s been about 2 years now. I gotta tell ya, moving from a bigger city to a smaller Mississippi back-water, chip-on your shoulder town like St. Louis for me was and still is no fun at all. I also gotta tell ya that there are alot of very nice things too that you wont notice for a long time but pay huge dividends in the long haul (which is only about 3 years). You sure don’t appreciate the greatness of your home, wherever it is. You learn alot about yourself. Company managers that may want to hire you are thrilled to see that you have been through the relocation process before so you immidiately have a connection, they may have been relocated themselves & need a buddy to “watch their back” from the locals.

Damn doOd! …it’s Hell but you sure wouldn’t regret it!

Also, we got an estate sized piece of property in nice growing area. It’s only 12 minutes from my work. I havn’t did a single thing to the house, no paintin’ or nothin’. We bought our property for the exact amount that we sold our “falling apart” townhouse in Chicago for with no garage!
I am now very proud to be a hill billy! I friggin’ earned it bee-Yotch! Heeee-Haw! Lets go watch Nascar and drink Busch Beer!!! “Duck Huntin’ Season …Kick ass!” I’m growin’ my mullit Back!