manufacturing with granite/pumous

Hey you guys,
I’m working on a clock for Braun that was designed to be made of cut granite and pumous, preferably of a single piece. My issue is that, when I ran it by a professor, there was question over the feasibility of of using stone for mass manufacturing because of inconsistencies in the material (the possibility of air pockets, etc.).

My questions is, is there a production material with similar tactile qualities to granite and pumous (surface inconsistency, high rate of heat transfer)? One suggestion was ground stone but I’m not sure how good of a fit that is.

Institute of Design

How about Corian from Dupont

I don’t see that as a big concern- it just means you’ll have a higher reject rate. Stone is used in mass produced furniture routinely. It tends to suffer more damage in shipping, and that is accounted for in the price, and in the need to stock more replacement parts.