Manufacturing Toy and Games

I am trying to develop a game.

So far I have the design done, the game pieces are being modeled in 3D. I am thinking of them being manufactured in silicone, or some sort of rubber-like soft material dog toys are made of. I would like the packaging to be different from typical cardboard box boardgames. So I am envisioning something like a plastic tube, with a paper structure that slides out. Think watch packaging, or the recent ipod nano box.

I am skeptical of what the next step will be.

First of all, how do you determine how MANY units the first run will be?
Do you get quotes from manufacturers first? Then set a price point? Based on what?

Any info or advice will be appreciated.

p.s., any good resources on package manufacturers?
Along the lines of:

Push Braces packaging

Discgear packaging
(bottom translucent box)
What kind of plastic is that? Any info on how its manufactured?

I think the next step you have to do is to get your design prototyped, including the packaging. An attractive packaging is half-success for your design.

After that, you should reveal your prototypes to manufactuers selling your design ideas to them, and most importantly, to stress on your selling point(s). ---- Asking yourself why consumers have to or love to buy your products?

Re the units for the first run, it’s hard to give you more of my comments because I’m still not clear about your design.

Re the packaging, it’s no problem. We have professional designers on packaging here in most factories.

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself to you. I’m from China.

Should you need to discuss more with me, send me messages here or your e-mail address, please! I think my company can help you develop your design.


Hello, thanks for your reply.

Does your company have a website that displays some examples of past work? Do you specialize in toys and games? Or furniture?

Thank you for your interest and suggestions.

Hi CableTurtle, I have just now sent you a private message. Check it out please!

Thanks for the info.

However, it seems like you would be most likely be a liaison rather than a direct manufacturer for my silicone parts. I do have a pretty good list of molders and manufacturers in China that I can use. What can you offer in terms of helping me “develop (my) design”? (besides being the middleman)

Anyone else have experience in developing their own personal products?

Anyone have experience with silicone parts?


Sir, I posted this thread to get suggestion and advice from fellow designers who may have experience in developing their own products. It seems as though you responded to do business and to acquire me as your client.

Maybe you are a highly emotional person, but either way you do not seem very professional, certainly someone who I would be skeptical to do business with. I’m sure your claim to know “how chinese do business” is not what is reflected in your mannerisms and outbursts.

Anyone else, I am interested in advice, suggestions, and discussion. Not necessarily sales pitches and RFQ opportunities through this forum.

I’ll admit I work for a RP company but I’ll share what I’ve seen what other people have done and what I plan on doing myself. ( I’m current actually design and play testing my own board game as well. )

I don’t know if you have your heart set on silicone parts, but there are alternatives. Silicone is a tricky medium to cast with. One way to do it is in urethane molds. But also there are very flexible polyurethanes out there that might be easier to work with and get the job done.

Not trying to play the salesman (because I’m not) but you can check out examples here: Take a look at the Dog Toy or the Flexible air ducts. Those are both done out of two part urethanes.

I’m thinking of produce my own pieces first in SLA. I’m making them in solid works, and then preparing them to be a mold master. Then within a silicone mold I going to stick 20 of them or so and cast into that mold. My stuff will be simple counters at first.

As to the packaging I don’t really know much about that. I’m playing on selling my stuff online mostly.