Manufacturing Process question

hey i am working on a prototype at school and i was wondering what the manufacturing process is for safety cones, attaching the pvc to the rubber at the bottom. and how could i do it myself? any information would be great, thanks,

kyle 012.jpg

Are those pegs features of the cone around the base? if they are I guess they are just pressed together, for an interferance fit, or glued? Cut one up and find out.

What are you making? a new safety cone? You could mock one up with a couple of vac formings, some glue, filer where needed…and some time.

it is a new practice tool for ice hockey, i have some mocked up versions of it but now i need to make one that can be used and beat up on the ice.

The rubber could be over-molded. The small circles of orange are probably small fingers of material in order to have a more robust joint between the materials.

As for how you can do this…well, if you can find a resin that you can pour yourself, I guess you could overmold yourself. It’s going to be tricky though. If your product is going to be flexible, you might want to find a place that can make Z corp models. They have a flexible part process, although your part size is limited and it will likely cost you some dough. If it is a purely functional prototype, you might want to look into making it with a subtractive process. There are a lot of foams that might give you the same mix of flexibility you want. Just chop into the form you want.