Manufacturers and environmental issues in design

Do you know any manufacturers who take sustainability and environmental issues in design seriously?
with the exception of Herman Miller, Steelcase and Nike.

phillips are very interested in sustainable issues infact, all companies manufacturing and/or selling electrical goods within the EU are having to adhere to new regulations, the WEEE. by 2006 they’ll have to take back or be responsible for recycling there products once they’ve reached the end of there lifespan. this is forcing alot of companies to change the way they design and manufactory their products i.e design for disassembly.

see for more details

have a look at “the eco design handbook” by alastair fuad-luke, a good book for some example of sustainable design.

hope this helps

Thanks a lot. Im writing an article on sustainable design and C2C (Cradle to Cradle) design, and thats some really useful information there.

Volkswagen Gmbh definitely comes to mind.