Manufacturer of a very WIDE tipped marker besides Copic?

Just curious if anyone knows of any others that are cheaper than Copic. I just want to use one for filling in vignettes on my sketches. I guess I could also scan my marker rendered drawing and add a digital vignette with photoshop too. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys


How big are your vignettes? I have used the extra wide copics, they are okay, but harder to use then a standard brush tip copic. Montana makes some super wide markers but I do not feel they would work as well for this use. It looks like Molotow and Markwell are making them now, Markwell use to do the Montana markers.

These tend to drip and are a very poor choice for rendering. Maybe just get a Wacom and work on the marker skills. Keep it wet, get the pressure right, and work it smooth.

Haha. Actually, they are just small sized, maybe 6" x 8’'? Sometimes bigger, but you are right… I could use a regular Copic marker, which is what I own for markers. I just wanted to get a few wide markers to spend less time filling in the vignette than with a smaller tipped marker. Mind you, I haven’t even tried using a smaller tipped marker (yes, I know… I should at least try before I ask about using wider markers!) to fill in a vignette. I just assumed it would take longer than using a wide Copic. I am taking a rendering class this semester and figured i’d ask.



The wide ones get streaky with me, and I’m pretty okay at it. If you are doing physical layers then it still will not make a big difference. I mean by that, you are drawing a vignette and filling it in, then gluing it to a sheet of paper, cutting it out, then doing a render, glue it to paper, then cut it out, then glue all that to a larger sheet of paper. Add a little undertone to make it flow and your good. If your spicing up your sketches then just put it down where ever. You may find that saving an old marker and injecting xylene into it will make for a good marker just for filling in large areas, or use cheaper makers for that (prisma, touch, letra set, etc). Do use marker paper, laser printer paper will suck your markers dry real fast. Also if you use Benfeing 360 (as you are looking at the font cover) tar your sheet out then flip it over to use the “back” for everything, it just works smoother this way.