Can I have a CAD model manufactured if it is built in rhino? It has been transfered to Solidworks via IGES and dimensions are all good. So just wondering if it will work?

dimensions are all good.

don’t you already know? why ask?

not positive!


if your happy with dimensions (draft is good, shutoffs are ok, etc), what could stop you from manufacturing (other than what other people do: buy steel, program CNC paths, etc)?

sorry. question just doesnt make sense.

If the Iges checks out, I really do not see why you couldn’t. You will be transmitting the CAD data to the tool builder via Iges so it should be fine. Never tried it though. I have seen Rhino give some really Swiss cheese model files in the past. However that would have been apparent when you imported your iges into SW.

One way to see. Send it to a tool builder and get a quote. That will serve two purposes, if the file is good and what the tool will cost.

Knit the surfaces up, shell the surfaces and export as parasolid if your manufacturer does not have SWX. Check draft and wall thickness, use undercut detection. What is the product? There is no way that we can tell you much without looking at screen caps and files, so the best thing to do would be to send it to your tooling guys to check. If this is a student project, post pics and we can critique it. Or email or host your 3dm or sldprt files on a website

I don’t use rhino so I’m not sure. I believe you cannot shell a solid in rhino. there are probably ways around this.