manual rendering guide

hello there!

im desperately searching for sources of learning how to create professional manual rendering (professional drawing for designers). everything goes - books, web, privet tutor…

thanks in advance!



:sunglasses: rendering in mixed media
techniques for concept presentation for designers
by Joseph Ungar

this maybe what you are looking for. it is out of print so you will have to find it used

also look for some books by Dick Powell.

good luck

While it is a good value for the money and not a bad book, Rendering in Mixed Media by Joseph Unger is a little dated. My friends and I often reference it as the “What the future looked like in the '80’s” book. It’s still handy and all, especially for the usaul price you may be able to find it for (I got mine for $8.50).

I would more strongly recommend books by Dick Powell.

DesignRendering Techniques
or Presentation techniques
but if you do get one of these, probably do not get both as they contain a lot of the same material. (look thru the tutorials section) (great little tank tutorial)

These are mostly entertainment related sites, but very applicable to ID work.