management salary question

i have been invited to apply as a product development manager in socal for a pretty well-known corporation. since i haven’t been in management before (i’m currently a senior designer), i would like to know what you would think si should ask for a salary.

thanks in advance for the advice.


Remember it’s Southern California and it probably goes as far as 75-85K
in Ohio. Housing costs is the big issue. Southern California is better than SF/Peninsula where it’s pretty miserable unless you make at least 100K, because a doghouse is 600K and you won’t be able to afford much unless your significant other is a professional earning 6 figures or close.
LA/San Diego would be lower cost. Living in California gets tired if you are struggling by on 50-60K as rent is going to chew up a major portion of your income. Small one bedroom condos go for 200K in San Jose. So I’m not sure how designers survive at IDEO etc. in Palo Alto—most share an apartment or you have to commute like an hour and 20 minutes. It is not my idea of fun commuting 3 1/2 hours a day.


I’m a Sr. Design Manager in so-cal. Email me with and for specifics.

thanks all! it’s actually for the teen’s gadgets and accessories lines. but i think i have an idea now.


how much do designers at IDEO make anyway?