gotta love Puma!

I just got these yesterday. Nice and simple, its all about the stitching for me. What do you think?

PS. Happy Easter!

Was checking those out at the store the other day. I love the stitching and the outsole is sick. Really well done… I do not like the cheap stock riveted part on the side though… really brings the whole thing down, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Hey Yo,

Yeh i know what you mean about the fastener, overall though, and for the price (£69.99 or $139.00) i can live with that as you cant see it as its usually covered by my jeans.

How much were they in the US by the way, probably loads cheaper as we are ripped off in the UK for clothes and trainers and most things in general thinking about it! grrr!!

That is a really cheap and out of place speedhook on there…really drags down a clean design and a great outsole.

any pics of the outsole?


Would def have liked to see them design the eyelets specifically to work with the design. Damn shame, but still nice. I LOVE what Puma and Adidas have been doing recently. Their stores in Santa Monica have some ridiculous product right now. It’s nice to see a few companies really pushing to design for 2007.

I like these, goona check out the puma store near me to see if they have them in. About the fastener theres gotta be a way to paint it white.

I just like the outsole.
the concentric wave points are fantastic

I think this is a case of what Puma refer to as ‘Puma Wit.’ (the lacing detail that is)

To me it has that nautical feel, lines of the sail and lacing line etc.

nice style, but agreed the fastner looks odd. maybe too “witty” for its own good.


I have no love for this stuff. Its like if the star wars stormtroopers had a special ballerina division.
Must be a lot of fun to design though, really progressive stuff happening with these lifestyle shoes.
I’m not saying I want to look like this guy:
But what he says about these kind of shoes hits it on the head imo.