Man sandal

I spent every opportunity in shoe stores last year looking for a good sandal or open shoe (I don’t know the proper terminology here). I don’t know if someone else has brought it up before, but what are some good looking sandals for men? Do they exist?


(by that meaning that men should not wear sandals. maybe havianas at the beach.)

I go for the good old fashion flip-flop. Nice and comfortable.

Everyone wears flip flops year round here in San Diego and the surf-shops (Surf-Ride, Hansens, Sun-Diego etc.) carry tons.
But I think these new eco-friendly ones from Simple are cool:

Here’s a few comfortable sandals. I might be a bit bias (because I designed them) but, The fit of the upper, contours and EVA durometer of the sandals have been all worked out.

If they are too athletic, I can reference a few more styles.

You can get them @::: or

Enjoy :wink:

I can go for flip-flops but man sandals and the like make me, personally, cringe.

I like cg’s first post. Those are low-key… good looking.

I need something more business casual rather than at the beach. Although, I like the look of the flip-flops that were posted. Nice job Guru!

This company Chaco makes some interesting sandals. Some are even designed to go hiking in, whether or not thats a good idea is still debatable.

Here’s a a few styles that are a bit more mellow:::

this one is more business casual:::

The first ones guru just posted look comfy.

business casual man sandals? isn’t that an oxymoron? sandals at the beach, ya, but anywhere else, no.

(not judging you, just sayin’)


Camper might make some that qualify as business casual appropriate… A few grabs from their site.

Not all my style, but I think they make great shoes.

Some more…

oxymoron???.. I guess you don’t work in So-Cal?

No worries… I thought that too when I worked In Boston :wink:

Those Campers are a bit “Barcelona, Euro style” but nice. They use some great materials and have some distinct styling.

I really only like the thongs amongst these. I am actually tempted…

What’s the model of those Quicksilver ones you posted with the soft looking foot bed. I can’t tell if it’s linen or felt-like, but I want to check them out.

That called the ‘Conscience’. It’s $48. on right now.

It’s a Linen wrapped foot-bed with A corn based foam (not EVA), water based glues (no VOC’s) and natural rubber bottom. It’s a ‘green’ sandal but I made it so it doesn’t look like a ‘tree hugger" product. "green’ product can be designed to look nice too!

Hope you enjoy it,

Good job! I’ll check it out.


Business casual sandals? Is this for a sea-side team building exercise?


No part of your foot should be visible at work (surf shop, swimming pool, certain clothing stores excluded.) I don’t want to see my co-workers nasty toes, unless they’re women. (even then… make them look nice at least.)

If you’re casual enough to wear shorts, then at least wear a low sock.

(Likewise, not judging, just offering up my opinion. I’m sure there are more people out there with this same question)