Man im all over the place! need help!! (portfolio critique)

Alright well heres the deal, I’ve been playing around with all kinds of fun programs at school from photoshop to illustrator to flash the list goes on and on!! but yea, I think i need to start focusing a bit, or maybe i dont!
Heres my work

I’d love to hear what some real designers think, and where i should go from here!


Sean- 18y/o, Ohio

ps. soon i will have up! so keep an eye out!

I think one post is enough, I’ve counted three so far.

It’s easier to get responses if you ask targeted questions, this shotgun approach won’t do much for you. Also from looking at your portfolio you seem to be much more in the graphic design end of the spectrum where this site is primarily visited by Industrial Designers.

You might want to check out AIGA, CGtalk, or others that might have more experience in the area you are trying to get into.

See my comments in the other post…I think the one about schools.

I love the one called Lift.

you are very advanced for 18, keep exploring and let yourself gravitate toward what you love to do.